The Fahy Protocol

Human Growth Hormone + DHEA + Metformin

Also known as: Epigenetic age reversal protocol

What is the Fahy protocol?

A daily regimen of human growth hormone, DHEA, and Metformin has become popular after Greg Fahy PhD demonstrated in a year-long small trial the reversal of epigenetic age in people. HGH, DHEA, and Metformin each have their own anti-aging properties. It's likely that the combination of these agents activates a wide range of therapeutic pathways which lead to reversal of epigenetic aging. Here is a video summary of the findings.

Fahy protocol usage and dosing

During the first week of the trial, a daily dose of 0.015 mg/kg (0.045 IU/kg) was administered to obtain an initial insulin response. During the second week, rhGH was combined with 50 mg DHEA to evaluate insulin suppression by DHEA alone. During the third week, the same doses of rhGH and DHEA were combined with 500 mg metformin. Beginning at the fourth week, all doses were individualized based on each volunteer's particular responses. Thereafter, blood was collected one week prior to trial months 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9 to enable further dose adjustments at those time points (to maximize IGF‐1 and minimize insulin), and additional blood samples were obtained at 12 months to conclude the treatment monitoring period. Dosing compliance was verified by the response of IGF‐1, DHEAS, and insulin to administration of rhGH, DHEA, and metformin, respectively.

My oppinion and proposed modifications

From my 25 years of experience with HGH I would say that the dosage used in the Fahy protocol (TRIIM trial) is pretty high to sustain for long periods of time. It's likely to cause side effects such as the carpal tunnel syndrome (and the rest mentioned here). For an average man of 80kg this translates to about 3.6 IU of HGH per day. For decades, 4-5 IU of HGH per day has been the gold standard "bodybuilding dose". Combined with regular training it produces muscle growth but is difficult to sustain for longer than a few months. At such a dose the carpal tunnel syndrome is likely to kick in about 7-10 days into the cycle and become unbearable as time progresses. It forces me personally to reduce the dosage. Over the years I've heard the same from many others.

So based on my experience for an average sized man, I propose a practical modification to the above protocol as follows:

A variable daily dose between 4.8 and 2.4 IU per day. When a 12IU vial is mixed with 1ml of sterile water, it fully fits into an insulin type syringe. The syringe typically has 100 markings on the side. For easy calculation we take 20 markings (2.4IU per dose). On most days we take one dose per day. On some days we take 2 doses per day. The more double days we can handle, the better the results. We skip the 2nd dose to keep the side effects at bay. The first HGH dose is taken in the morning alongside 25mg DHEA (half the dose Fahy recommends). The 2nd dose is taken in late afternoon alongside 500mg of Metformin. When the 2nd dose is skipped, so is the Metformin. Skipping Metformin frees up mitochondria (the powerhouses of the cells) to do their job right which in turn gives us more energy the following day. Metformin comes with some potentially nasty side effects (such as lactic acidosis). Skipping a dose is beneficial in that regard too.

Where to buy the Fahy protocol?

The more expensive way of going about it is to join Fahy's trial. Alternatively, you can order the HGH and Metformin yourself from 5kits (link below). You can get the DHEA over the counter locally or from Amazon.

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