About us

What this web site is all about

This web site is our attempt to eventually gather and summarize all the useful and relevant information on every body enhancement substance out there. It is a work in progress and new substance profiles will be added for a long time to come.

Internet forums are full of conflicting information, uneducated guesses and marketing propaganda. The nonsense usually starts out as sales pitches or personal oppinion of charismatic individuals who "sound right" and are then perpetuated to infinity by people who dont have the time or brain power to do proper research.

Every substance profile added to this web site is thoroughly researched (usually for weeks/months). All the possible information ranging from clinical trials, experiments and amateur user logs are studied in detail before the profile is published. This research is done as preparation prior to our own personal trial of each described substance. During and after the trial the articles here are updated with our own observations and experience. If any new information comes to light in the future the articles here will also be updated.

We are always on the lookout for interesting substances which improve one's body, mind, overall health and longevity. If you have any suggestions, comments or wish to share your experience, please contact us.